Just in time...

Just in time for Christmas

She wanted some gifts, she wanted them all. 

I worked all day and night until I seen snow fall.

I tried my hardest, I gave my best.

All the parents know the rest.

I finally purchased a tree. This one was pink.

That's my daughter's favorite color, what will she think?

She seen it and she loved it!

No other tree above it.

Although it was small and not very tall.

She didn't complain one bit. No, not at all.

She was very grateful and I was amazed.

Something so little changed all of her moody ways.

I finally ordered her gifts and things went bad.

One order was out of stock and suddenly all she wanted for Christmas was her Dad.

I could change some things but not them all.

She decided to give her favorite guy a call. 

A week before Christmas I received a big tip.

Finally those items were available and ready to ship.

Only my daughter didn't get an answer from her Dad and that's just a situation that's oh so sad.

With four days left until Christmas. 

Mommy did her part just in time for Christmas. 🙂