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Lala's Poetry World

Awakening 04-01-2020

Sun light

Rise from the night

Peaceful, serene 

Pure, clean

Beautiful soul rest amongst me

Every shadow was meant to be

Ambition, drive

Acknowledging I'm alive

Seeing right trough the flesh

Way deep down in the mess

In need of a pick-me-up

No need to rush

See I dwell in misery 

To see exactly what it is I need to see 

Drowning deep in the ocean

Downward slowly in motion

Straight to the bottom

Where I thought I forgot them 

All of my insecurities 

Manifesting to reassure me

Life on the front line

Is the only way to get what is mine

A continuous drive 

As I continue to thrive

Straight to the lake

Full of mistakes

That I have learned

I can only have what I have earned

Bodies of water taking and

Giving me life

Pain deeply embedded creates tension

Too thick for a knife 

Cause even cuting at the surface

Wouldn't make me nervous

I wouldn't bleed out

I wouldn't scream out


This ain't a dream now

Being afraid 

So I stayed 

Became comfortable 

So I left

The best way that I grow 

Is when I really don't know

Unsure of what's next

Fluent in this game of chess

Knowing my worth 

Giving all of me that's left

Being deceived 

Forced to believe 

Everything that I see

Because I lied to me

I wasn't thinking clearly

Everything I wanted it to be 

When I dived in that sea

I found wisdom, guidance and


Within I gained security

Still I am the calm before the storm

The rainbow after the rain is gone

Jealousy and envy in the midst 

Unappreciative of my own gifts

Wondering why as I only lived to die


I'm still alive

I learned to survive 

Beginning to drown is when I began to


Losing my battles is when I learned to


It was never about others but a battle 


I'm ever so thankful for my Awakening